This page is going to include tutorials on Twitter, which has the potential to be a valuable collaboration piece for fellow educators.

Educational Blogs

The Teacher Toolbox is an example of a great blog to follow! There is information and musings from Math to Poetry on these pages that can help to inspire other ideas.

The K12 Geek is another example of a teacher blog that can be used to find ideas or to inspire some of your own!

The Innovative Educator gives an example here of 100 video websites that every educator should have a link to. I agree! Go to this page, and have a look at these resources.

Another great blog to follow, but more specifically a blog about Prezi that shares some of the different ways to use Prezi (found on Helpful website tools) as well as some pros and cons to using it!

Paul Hami has a great blog entitled, Free Resources from the Net for EVERY learner. Need I say more?

Top 50 Educational Blogs - look at other professionals thoughts and ideas and make a connection!

Here is another blog with many helpful resources for teachers. Danny Nicholson a freelance educational consultant puts this blog together, and there are many wonderful ideas and resources for teachers

Another great resource found on the Free Technology for Teachers blog this one is from the Literacy Center Education Network great resource for early literacy learners!

Collaboration Sites for teachers and classrooms

TypeWithme is a great collaboration site, similar to Google documents. Create documents with multiple people.

The Educator's PLN is a great place to start if you are unsure about Twitter. Many wonderful teachers connecting on a ning network.

For people like me, I also decided to include an article that links 50 free resources to make you a better writer. This can be used personally or help you to answer questions, or give to older students as a resource when they want to make their composition more appealing!

Google Docs is a great tool to use with other teachers, it can also be used as a collaboration tool for students within your classroom. Here is a video that can help you get started with Google Docs

Free Educational Resources

Another great page for teachers AzarGrammar offers grammar books for teachers and they are free!

Digital Directors Guild makes a nice case for the use of digital story telling in the classroom. When you go in depth into this site it can provide lesson ideas as well as resources that can help with Digital Storytelling in the classroom.

The Amazing Web 2.0 projects book is a great e-book available for download. This is a free resource with some great ideas.

Twitter help is here!

Here is a very basic, step by step tutorial to sign up for your own twitter account

Once you become a 'tweeter' you will need to find people that have similar interests, and people that can contribute to your PLN. I discovered a great website called WeFollow . Type in your interests and you will be directed to people that can help your PLN to grow. Feel free to find me I'm @asingh2 - I would love the opportunity to connect with more educators!

Still stuck? Check out this Twitter help page. You can use their FAQ site to answer any further questions you may have!

Yet another blog that will give you 5 ways to get your Twitter network up and running!

Check this blog out and discover over 100 ways to use Twitter in your classroom.