This wiki is a great resource for SMART board lesson plans and resources. There are extensive resources on this page for both the elementary and high school sections.

I will continue to look for more to add to this page, however the wiki above has many valuable resources!

Here is a blog post with 20 interactive whiteboard resources. There's more to interactive teaching than SMART!!

This blog post shares some ideas as well as podcasts that can help teachers to use the SMART board

This is another page explaining some new tools SMART software has added.

Teachers Love SMART Boards is another good site that has some SMART board resources and information.

Harvey's hompage is another example of a great SMART board resource. Check out the great lessons!

The Whiteboard Blog includes some really good high school resources and lesson ideas! (You'll find this site to be very useful!)

The Talking SMART Boards and Much more is blog that is also a great elementary resource!