Very simply, this page is about making learning fun! These are educational games that can be used while you are planning lessons, or for students to use during free time. I believe these are some things that students will WANT to use during free time!

Literacy Tools/Games

Seussville this resource is - you guessed it, all games that incorporate Dr. Suess books. Great for primary elementary!

60second Recap is a website that briefly recaps a story (such as Hamlet, Lord of the Flies). Most of the recaps would be for older students, but if you search long enough, you might be able to make a connection to middle years!

Shel Silverstein (the poet) has a great interactive website, along with ideas that teachers and parents can use!

Learning Today also offers a variety of interactive Reading Games that can be helpful for the classroom teacher.

Math Games

Manga high is another great resource, this one is geared toward older students. There are some great math games on this site.

Math games from Learning Today has multiple math games that can be used within teaching time, or during free time to help students connect with math lessons.

Math fun! This site can be beneficial for helping students with a range of skills that they need, and they'll enjoy it!

Illuminations website offers a ton of free activities for math.

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections with games

(Don't get me wrong all of these sites can be used to make curriculum connections, these sites just offer specific lesson type resources and supplements!)

BrainPop has great resources for many subject areas, but there is also a cost associated with full access to the site. You can sign up for a BrainPop educator account, and receive some resources.

Edheads is another great FREE resource that can be used to make curricular connections. Many of the things on this site can be used as an activity to go with your lesson.

Another site along the Science line is Science Bob, this site is great because it helps students to pick Science Projects and it also gives hints and tips for students to complete the project.

National Geographic for kids is another great site with multiple resources, interactive games and information about different animals and regions!

This Geonet site offered by Houghton Mifflin is a fun quiz for students that involves more than just remembering the names of places. Most of the games on this site are related to the USA.

placeSpotting is a site based on Google Earth. You can use your own picture riddles to find locations, or use predetermined sites.

Art Pad is a great resource for, drawing and painting. You can also create great time lapse videos using this technology!

Sumo Paint is a great resource similar to a paint program.

KidsKnowIt is a great site full of games that can make connections throughout the curriculum. There are connections to the United States in this one, but they are still great tools for Canadian teachers.

Computer skills

Power typing is a fun way to help students practice typing.

Scratch is a really neat programming program that can be used with really young kids to make games. Click here to have a tutorial from some of its users.

Games with multiple subject connections

Bitesize is a resource from the UK but there are many things within this site that can be used to supplement learning. Great free time activities.

Tvokids is a great resource for games and they even have some current events on their site that students would be interested in.

Poisson Rouge is a neat interactive site that I saw on Twitter. This is something that children can use to explore everyday items.