I have compiled many sites that offer a variety of ways to use digital storytelling. Some are really user friendly and great for early years elementary students, other require some more background knowledge. I hope this is helpful!

This site has helpful digital storytelling resources. It also offers advice to integrate digital storytelling in the class. To learn more visit the link on the Helpful website tools page.

PrimaryPad is a great resource that allows students to collaborate. It's set up in real time and is similar to Google Docs.

Storybird is a collaborative website where you can use art work from other people in order to create a story.

Tikatok is a wonderful resource that allows children to create their own stories from writing to illustrating. One of the best features of this site, is that the finished product can be produced in a variety of ways including hardcover. Teachers have a free registration option on this site, which offers ideas to incorporate this into the classroom.

Myths and Legends is a site that allows students to read and interact with digital legends and myths, and it is also a place that they can construct their own. This site has a read aloud feature as well as sounds that can be added to the stories. Great resource!

There is a great example from CogDogRoo that compiles more than 50 digital storytelling sites. Great resource, and a lot of different ways to tell the same story - it's fantastic!

Animoto is a great resource it's a fast and easy way to put a digital story together using pictures. You can also add music, and you have a very professional looking digital story!

One True Media is an easy to use site that incorporates digital pictures into storytelling. I like this site because there is potential to make a dvd when you are done!

Blabberize is a really great site that I have played with. Check out the site, the intro video will get you laughing, and hopefully give you an understanding of what this unique digital story telling site

Xtranormal is a movie making site. You can choose several 'scenes' with predetermined characters. All you have to do is type your story, and you can produce a great movie!

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburg has many interactive aspects, one of the best resources on this site includes the My Story Maker section where you can create your own story! This is a good tool when students are learning about the different aspects of story telling (characters/setting/etc) because you can easily make an outline to coincide with what is available from the website. You can also print off your finished product!

Another wiki on this site is a great resource that allows K-5 students to collaborate and create short stories. Using technology to connect with others - I love it! I really can't wait to use this when I am teaching.

Flixtime is another digital story resource which is very similar to Animoto - one difference is that you can make a 60 second video for free! 30 seconds is just too short sometimes!

Zimmer Twins is an easy way for students to build simple animated stories. I think it is pretty easy to use, and I can see students really enjoying this site!

Picture Book Maker is an amazing resource for early literacy use, and to introduce digital literacy. It has the ability to be customized, without having so many options that the early writer will be overwhelmed.

GoAnimate is a fun way to create a cartoon to go along with your story. There are predetermined outlines of characters that can be adapted. You can animate and upload your own sound!

ReadWriteThink is another example of a great digital story resource that you can use for those with emerging literacy skills.

ToonDoo is a fun interactive site for students to create stories and create their own characters to go along with it.