This space will include a few sites that you can use to blog in your classroom. I hope to include a detailed look at Classblogmeister!

Wordpress is a tool that I have used to along my journey to becoming a teacher. I enjoy this site because it is easy to maneuver.
It definitely has potential and ease of use to be beneficial in the classroom; however, I prefer to use another source that is specific to classrooms as there is the ability to protect your student's identities.
Feel free to browse my blog if you are new to this if you would like to see an example.

Classblogmeister is a great tool that I used during my internship. I enjoyed this site, as it protected my students identities. When you set this blog up, there is the ability to adjust the amount of 'control' a teacher has over what appears on the website. This resource is also nice because it is a community of other classrooms around the world. There is also a Ning associated with this site, which enables teachers to connect and plan joint lessons.
Here is a link to some of the ways we used the classroom blog
This video shows how to complete the initial setup within your classroom. The next video could help you to teach your students to use the blog site.

Blogger is a site that I have also seen, but have not personally used. This was the name of a site that came back to me when I asked about the best blogging site to use within a classroom on Twitter. One of my fellow educators told me that he uses this within his high school classroom. He said it was a very effective tool, once you know about the privacy settings! Here is another useful how to video

Another blogging site that I have been shown through the world of Twitter, is Kidblog. This is another website that has been setup specifically for teachers and classroom use. Some of the benefits of using this site include: the site is secure, the teacher can see all of the blogs, and you don't need student email addresses to set up the accounts. This space is also set up specifically for Elementary and Middle Years use!